Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Wild World of Blogging!

So, I've started a multimedia elective at my school.

Woah, let me back up! For anyone who hasn't heard, I got the job I previously blogged about. Beating out over 200 applicants. Woot! Ok, back to my current topic...

Since we are definitely lacking in the technology department, we are improvising with the equipment we DO have...the internet. The kids have spent the last 3 classes planning out and starting their blog pages. I pretty much gave them the reigns and let them pick any topic they felt was important that others would be interested in. The topics range from skateboarding to piercing, crazy news to (shocking) medical marijuana legalization. These blogs are in their infancy, but I'm hoping that they will continue to develop as my students do.

So, why teach blogging? I've decided that every person has a voice, whether others think that voice is important or not. Teenagers in particular are victims to the "who cares what you think, kid?" mentality of our society. Therefore, I'm giving them their voices back. This is their time to talk about what is important. What others should know about them and what they can learn about themselves.

I think we will all have a lot to learn from this project.


  1. A great way to get kids to write, and learn to speak their minds. Well done!

  2. At a time when our students are gadget-friendly, too many schools and teachers are not - this is a great move! It allows them to learn about the accessibility of information on the web, to understand the importance of joining the conversation, and to take on the responsibility that comes with acting on the web. It also reinforces writing and reading skills! Kudos to you...I LOVE IT!